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One Time Cleaning

Cleaning Service in Grapevine Tx

Cleaning Service in McKinney for One Time

If you are planning for an event or an occasion but your house is not looking in the best of shapes, you can get it cleaned with Maid in Allen.

One Time Cleaning service. There are times when you just don’t want to clean the place up. It may be too dirty for a one-person job so the best approach here is to hire professionals who can give your home or office that deep cleaning it truly deserves.

To give you an example, you might have just recently had your kid’s birthday party or a get together dinner party with friends at your place.

But now that everyone is gone, you have to do all the cleaning. This can be tiresome as you just had so much fun and now you have to do the boring stuff, the cleaning! Not to worry though, just call us at Jericho Cleaning Services and we will handle all the clean up job for you!

Take a Break from Cleaning!

The best way to avail our onetime cleaning service is by giving us a call and booking our service beforehand. Let us know the date and the time and our cleanup crew will be by your place to do the cleaning.

You can also plan in advance and have us come and clean your place up before any parties or events too. This way you can focus on planning the party/event, while we ensure that your place looks the best it possibly can for your guests.

Our One Time Cleaning is perfect for both residential and commercial purposes such as:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Appliances Cleaning
  • A Thorough Cleaning of the Entire Furniture
  • Cleaning up the Entire Kitchen
  • All Bathrooms Cleaned
  • Pre and Post Party/Event Clean-ups

For offices, you can hire us for a one time clean up job before any incoming meeting, a big client meeting or if someone from the high-ups is coming down your way. With us at work, you can project a good image of your office space being neat and tidy!

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Providing unmatched quality cleaning services for our customers in Allen, Plano and McKinney is at the core of our business model, which is why our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction!