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Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning in McKinney Tx
Maid in Allen Tx. Maid in Allen Tx.
Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

  • We use a truck-mounted high temperature steam carpet cleaning equipment as recommended by all major carpet manufacturers.
  • Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning is everything we know!
  •  Special price requires a 4-room, 5-room, or 6-room carpet cleaning service or a minimum total purchase of 2 rooms.
  • Pre-treatment solution will be sprayed on heavily soiled traffic lanes and spots


Do not wait at the last moment to schedule your carpet cleaning. If you live in Allen, Plano or McKinney, we can help you. Reserve your folder cleaning in advance.



Carpet Cleaning in McKinney Tx.


  • Special price requires a 4-room, 5-room, or 6-room carpet cleaning service or a minimum total purchase of 2 rooms
  • Pro labor to clean an additional room (up to 250 square feet)
  • Areas include bedrooms, hallways, and closets among other household spaces
  • Moving of light furniture such as chairs, coffee tables & small couches


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What is included in a standard carpet  cleaning?


McKinney Carpet Cleaning

We bring together the best people, most effective methods for your carpet cleaning service, highest quality supplies and latest equipment to deliver on this commitment is my maid service

Get 3 Rooms per $99 Carpet Cleaning



Carpet cleaning company in McKinney Tx


What is excluded:



Excessive cleaning required as may occur if more than one year since last cleaning

Hazardous material removal, mold remediation & blood stain removal

Carpet cleaners Frisco Tx



Top reasons people book this:

  • Steam clean or shampoo carpeting
  • Remove dirt and soil from carpeting
  • Clean carpeting prior to having guests
  • Carpet stain removal


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Upholstery Cleaning

4 Tips on finding the vacuum cleaner for your family and home

Step 1) Look at the surfaces of your floor

The first important thing to do when it comes to picking out the right cleaner for your home is to look at your floor surfaces.  There are two major types of floor surfaces, which include soft and hard.executive touch cleaning service McKinney Tx.

Carpet cleaning in Allen,Texas

Hard surfaces include things such as wood and tiles.  Soft floors include carpets and rugs.  If you are someone who has a majority of hard surface floors, you probably want to purchase a canister vacuum.

Carpet Cleaners Company

And if you are someone who has a majority of carpets or rugs, you might want to get an upright.  There are also plenty of other options that double as a hard and soft floor cleaner.

Step 2) Determine how much that you can spend on your cleaner

The next step to finding the right cleaner is determining the amount of money that you can spend.  If you want to find a top of the line vacuum cleaner that has the ability to move on a variety of floor surfaces with ease, you might want to consider a Dyson.

Vacuum Cleaner


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They are powerful and easy to maneuver.  And if you are on a budget, you might want to consider a Dirt Devil or Eureka.  Both of these brands have products under 100$, that rate better than most.Shark vacuum cleaners

Step 3) Decide the Purpose of your Cleaner

Some people want vacuum cleaners because their pets shed a lot of hair.  They should look for cleaners that have plenty of powerful suction.  And other people get vacuum cleaners because they hope to improve their allergies.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaner removes an average of 98.1%

One of the features that someone with allergies should look for is a HEPA filter.  The benefit of the HEPA filter is that it prevents dirt and dust from getting in the air.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

This differs from traditional cleaners, which send particles flying everywhere- making breathing difficult and cleaning dreadful.

Dyson vacuum cleaner

Step 4) Making the most out of your current cleaner

If you already have a cleaner, you might just need an additional attachment.  For example, there are tough bristle brushes that allow you to get a deep scrub on your carpet.  This is a great tool for someone who wants to use their vacuum as a spot treatment.